Board Members


Atlanta Takedown Association expresses the love and support for the sport of wrestling in Georgia. With everything, this organization wants to encourage those to give back to the sport. Below you will get to meet the board members.


Our current President is Gary Schaefer. He has been involved in Georgia wrestling for 39 years- serving as President of ATA for the past 25. He was inducted into National Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2011. Gary has been running region and sectional tournaments since the 80's and running the State Duals since the beginning.


Bud Hennebaul has been involved in the sport of wrestling for 54 years. Impacting many over the years, Bud was an official for 38 years. He was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2008 for a Lifetime service to wrestling. In 2018, he was inducted into the AAU Wrestling National Hall of Fame. Bud also held a position at University of Tennessee- Chattanooga as Assistant Coach after competing collegiality.


Gary J. Jira has been involved in the sport of wrestling for over 33 years. Beyond ATA, Gary is involved in many other organizations that are contributing to the sport of wrestling. He is currently the Officer, President and adviser of the Shiloh Takedown Club, a member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame (Georgia Chapter) and serves on the advisory committee of the FCA Girls Wrestling.


Growing up in wrestling rich Virginia, Angela found a love for the sport of wrestling early in her life. Angela has been loving and supporting the sport for over 30 years. Supporting her boyfriend- now husband and son through wrestling. Angela was a proud member of the West Forsyth Booster Club while her son, Tyler, wrestled. After his graduation, Angela was connected with ATA. Angela has been a member of ATA since 2011.